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For some financial hardship is a reality and therefore private counselling is unaffordable. We provide counselling that is affordable for women on a low income, as well as offering longer term counselling that may not be available elsewhere.

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We champion positive outcomes to living life more fully.

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Supporting our work enables more women to access our services,
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I am now more aware of my feelings

A safe space to share my truth

I really felt listened to and never felt any judgement from my counsellor

I now feel stronger, more confident and more hopeful

I have found the courage to fulfill a life goal

I now prioritise my own happiness

The atmosphere of the centre is very welcoming and tranquil

I have found a new self-confidence and self-worth and feel happy about myself and life

It helped being able to talk freely, in a confidential way

I am able to be myself and feel okay on my own

It has given me the support to evaluate what was needed in my life

I can identify and discuss my feelings more easily

Counselling has helped me to see and deal with things in a different way